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Privacy Policy

Vine Street Respects Your Privacy of Information

There are only two instances in which the Vine Street Records web site collects your personal information: when you opt to join our mailing list, and when you place an order for merchandise. The information collected at these times is only used by Vine Street Records, and is not sold or distributed to other companies. Please read below for more details.

Online Ordering

When you submit an online order, your personal details and payment information are always transmitted in a strongly encrypted format. This includes both using SSL (secure-sockets-layer) transmission during the checkout process, and strong PGP encryption for transmission of order details to our order processing team. Then, only a small number of trained, trusted personnel at our office have the "keys" to decrypt and handle your information.


This site uses, when possible, temporary cookies to store anonymous data to make your browsing experience more enjoyable, and to provide our shopping cart functionality. We do not store personally-identifiable information in your cookie nor does this cookie persist after you close your browser. Should you opt to disable cookie functionality in your browser, the site will track session information using special codes in the URL (address) when browsing. We do not recommend disabling the use of cookies, since they do provide legimate, non-invasive benefits to your web browsing experience.

Anonymous Usage Statistics

The Vine Street Records website does collect anonymous usage data, such as how many times a page has been accessed or a song has been previewed. This information is never linked to your personal details and is only used to help Vine Street gauge overall site usage for the purpose of refining the site's effectiveness.